Maintenance Committee – Water Remediation Project, & SCWD Domestic Water Valve Replacement

Water Remediation Project

NSCA has contracted with West Coast Paving to implement a water remediation program to remove the underground water under the street. The program was designed by a geo- technology firm contracted by NSCA. The program will require trenching across and down the east side of the Windward Drive between house #s 24061 and 24021, to the storm drain.

Access to Windward Drive and the Selva Gate will not be closed. Some homeowners may be inconvenienced for a short period of time. Construction will begin on Monday, September 9th and be completed by Friday, September 13th.

South Coast Water District – Domestic Water Valve Replacement

The SCWD is replacing all of the domestic water valves on Atlantic Avenue and Atlantic Drive ( Atlantic garden homes). The construction should start the later part of August. It will take about 3 weeks to accomplish the entire task. Individual home owners may be inconvenienced, due to the lack of domestic water, no more than 6 hours. Home owners will be advised if an interruption in their water supply is planned. Atlantic Drive and Atlantic Avenue will have construction activity but the streets will not be closed.


– Sam T. Johnson, Maintenance Committee Member


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