Women’s Golf – Summer Golf

“Spring has sprung and the flowers are in bloom…you are in love with golf, pick a flower to play ‘loves me loves me not’”. A short ditty and a basket of posies greeted golfers in June. Each golfer picked a petal from her posy if she accomplished what was written on the petal, i.e. par or birdie, regulation two-putts, etc. The winning team had picked the most petals at the end of their round of golf. And that foursome was Judy Boitano, Gretchen Rask, Linda Ross and Lee Sweeney. Second-place winners were Barbara Brabeck, Irene McDonald, Val Mitchel and Marlene Lynch. Other winners were: Low Gross—Marlene Lynch, Longest Drive—Val Mitchell, Closest-to-the-pin— Brenda Tuckley. All the foursomes appreciated the preparation and craftsmanship of Val Mitchell and Irene McDonald for the “I hope golf loves you” game.

In July, there will be no clever game-of-the-day for team play. By the rules golf will be the format; play the ball as it lies; no ‘gimmies’; no ‘winter rules’ nudges, and so on. The player with the lowest gross score will be recognized as the 2013 Champion of the Niguel Shores Women’s Golf club. As a Club that takes pride in each other’s golf, we will clap hands and raise a toast to our new champion at the luncheon that will follow. The tournament and luncheon will take place on Monday, July 8. Judy Boitano (661-9495) and Lee Sweeney (661-5924) will send the foursomes off at Aliso Creek Golf Course. Ruthy Stahl (248-5750) and Joan Beyer (496-1428) have made luncheon arrangements at Gemmell’s Marina Lounge. Call if you are interested. See you there!

— Ceacy Johns

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