Traffic and Safety – Summer Festivities

Summer Festivities: The regular gloomy days of June are now past us and we can look forward to at least several months of great “beach” weather. During this period a few extra guests may even drop by and, while visiting, take advantage of the beach, pool, picnic areas and the view. While enjoying the company, please take an extra effort to be a good host by reminding our guests to clearly display their parking passes on the dash, and when parking at the Bluff they should only park their cars on the top tier of the parking lot that is designated for guests. Why? These rules are strictly enforced and violators are subject to having their vehicles towed away.

Fourth of July: The Fourth is the most festive day of summer here in the Shores and, as far as a good wholesome fun day, our activities rival any other community. This is the one day of the year that guests may not park in any area of the Bluff parking area. Only residents with bar codes are permitted. The only exception to this restriction is a vehicle designated for handicapped parking that has to park in those spaces so designated.

The big parade is scheduled to start from the ClubHouse at 10:30 a.m. Traffic entering the community at that time will be stopped and/or diverted to ensure the safety of the participants. We might caution friends what to expect who arrive at that time. Disappointing news about the parade is that Mr. Pat O’Brien and his new protege will not be skate boarding and performing as the event meanders through the community. It seems as though an exemption to the rule prohibiting skate boarding in the street could not be obtained with short notice.

Crimes: We continue to receive reports about an occasional theft or two from unlocked vehicled parked on the street. As we have said before, no one can remember ever hearing about a theft from a locked vehicle. Recently, we have experienced several burglaries here in our community. There have also been several other such burglaries in nearby neighborhoods in Dana Point. Deputy Steve Hoffman, our liaison with police services, only a few days ago announced at the Men’s Club meeting that the likely suspect was just arrested a few blocks from here. The perpetrator (they only use this term in New York) who is in his twenties had loot that could be tied into three burglaries. His mode of transportation, a bicycle, was reported stolen from our community. Not surprising he also had a variety of narcotics in his possession .

Typically burglaries occur during daylight hours when no one is at home (lesser crime). For peace of mind, no one could remember a recent night time residential burglary.

Along the same line, car clouts normally target unlocked cars because it is easier and also a lesser crime.

God bless…

— Tim Murphy

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