Maintenance Committee – August 2013 Update

July Fourth was not a holiday for the Maintenance staff, but their support contributed to an enjoyable holiday for the residents of Niguel Shores. In preparation for this holiday the staff goes through a 35 point check list of tasks to be performed. There are items to be cleaned, the ClubHouse and parks to be set up, signs to be made and installed, and numerous items to be made ready for the volunteers.

A couple of items this year got a little extra attention. The old karaoke machine really didn’t serve too well as a public address system. A new public address system was purchased this year. In setting this up it was discovered that some interconnecting cables were mismatched and it needed a turner. A late run to Radio Shack took care of these items.

Friday, the refrigerator stopped working. It would be needed the following Wednesday by the Men’s Club for all the fruit, sausages, and the dairy products necessary for the Pancake Breakfast. A serviceman arrives here Saturday.

He can’t fix it as it needs a new compressor. The company doesn’t have a compressor in stock, so they ordered one with a promise to have it by 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. We can’t take a chance that this repair will be completed as promised. So as a back-up we contract to rent refrigerators for Wednesday afternoon delivery. Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. the serviceman shows up with the compressor and he has the refrigerator working by 11:30 a.m. An hour to spare before it is needed. We cancel the rental contract and all is well.

To add to the drama, on Tuesday our Facilities Manager, George Cooley goes home very sick! Thursday, 3:30 a.m. July Fourth, the first two Maintenance men, Dave Smith and Dennis Cannon show up followed by Russell Goodrich at 7:00 a.m. This is an “all hands on deck” day. But George is still sick. He is calling in about every 30 minutes but not able to come to work. Dave Smith, our lead Maintenance man is in charge of the many last minute tasks and requests from the Men’s and Women’s Clubs and volunteers. There is extra trash to pick up and extra cleaning of the pool and spa. There are umbrellas, tents and coolers to be distributed. Streets need to be blocked and unblocked. The PA system and

Bar-B-Q’s need to be set up. Dave and his guys do an exemplary job. The day goes well and a good time was had by all…except maybe George.

Thank you Nancy Tinnes and all your volunteers. Thank you Men’s Club. Thank you Women’s Club. Thank you Securitas Guard Service, and since this is the Maintenance column, a special thank you to the Maintenance Staff for making this another memorable July Fourth Holiday.

—Jack Christiansen

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