Landscape Committee – August 2013 Update

August finds us halfway through summer. We’ve had July 4th with its red, white and blue flowers, and our Mariner entrance is also decked out with multi-colored zinnias. You will find these colors in other areas of our community, as well. Once again I will remind everyone that our bedding plants cost us nothing extra. They are part of our contract with Harvest, as they grow their own flowers.

We are now finished with turf reduction, and the plants added to replace grass are very attractive and growing quickly. I think most of you will agree that our new look is quite pleasing to the eye, and using less water than before.

Our grassy areas are being watered regularly again, and over-all look lush and green. There are still a few spots that need attention, and they will be attended to.

Now we can turn our attention to the Mariner gate area where much is happening. The turf is mostly gone and those big pine trees have been removed and will be replaced by olive trees. The olive trees will be up-lit and will be especially attractive at night. The medium will be planted in the same character as the rest of the area and should be beautiful if the picture boards are any indication.

Incidentally, you can view these pictures in the office, if you are interested.

—Linda Ross

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