Maintenance Committee – Completed Projects

Completed Projects: Several maintenance projects have been completed in the past few weeks: Sidewalk safety has been improved with the grinding of 133 locations and cement repair at seven locations. Safety and appearance of the stairway from Niguel Shores Drive to Abalone has been improved with the installation of new low voltage light fixtures. The last five locations of the pressed brick entrances in the Garden Homes have been replaced with sand based pavers.

Monuments: The Mariner and Cabrillo entrance monuments were dirty and soiled with stains from the rusting dolphins. Power washing would not remove the rust. In the future, at a date yet to be determined, the Mariner monuments are due to be refurbished. In the meantime, Maintenance has cleaned them up a bit by removing, repairing and replacing the rusting dolphins. The stucco on all three monuments has been painted and a new bulletin board installed on the exit side of the Cabrillo monument.

Rust is Evil: The war on rust continues. The latest skirmish was returning three “guaranteed not to rust” Breakers Isle pedestrian gates to the manufacture for a warranty replacement or repair. The repaired gates have been returned and installed. They look good. Another battle won, but the war with rust continues.

Pool and Spa: The annual pool maintenance is complete and the pool is ready for the summer swimming season. Ten new umbrellas will provide comfort and shade for those who choose to sit by the pool. For the swimmers, about 60 percent of the water has been replaced. The water is fresh and crystal clear.

Tiles have been scrubbed and the entire area power washed. New LED lights have been installed in the spa and a new spa pump has been installed. The new pump will double the filtration rate of the spa and contribute to a healthier, cleaner spa.

Serene Mystery: Another one of our quiet, little-known sitting areas has been refurbished. Maintenance repaired and painted the stucco walls and replaced the wood benches and generally cleaned up the area. Harvest made huge improvements in the landscape. On your next walk see if you can find and enjoy this serene resting area. The photo should give you a clue.

—Jack Christiansen

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