Garden Club – BBQ

May Meeting: The Garden Club held its Fourth Annual Plant Sale in the ClubHouse in lieu of the usual monthly meeting. Each year, this event has turned out a large crowd of enthusiastic gardeners, and this year was no exception.

A terrific assortment of plants of all varieties, as well as garden related crafts, were snapped up by the Shores’ “green thumbers.” Planting advice was shared by many who showed up for this popular community event.

The Garden Club wants to extend its appreciation to nurseries who contributed to the success of this plant sale: Armstrong Nursery, Dana Point Nursery, Green Thumb Nursery, the Plant Depot; and our own landscape company, Harvest Landscape

It’s time for the Annual Garden Club Beach Bluff Bar-B-Que: Garden Club members, relatives and friends will descend on the Beach Bluff Park on June 17 for our traditional year-end BBQ and Potluck. With improving weather finally coming upon us, it should be a great way to end the Club’s year.

This reporter is signing off: It has been a wonderful (and occasionally stressful) experience writing this column and meeting deadlines over the past three years, and I appreciate the kind comments received from many readers…it’s always nice to know that someone took the time to read your literary output. But not to worry: stepping in to take over this labor of love in the fall will be Laks Sehgal who will do a very able job of giving you all the news and tips about gardening.

Hope never dies within a true gardener’s heart. —author unknown

—Morry Meadow

Many thanks Morry for all of your interesting and educational articles. You have done much to furthering gardening and the Garden Club here in Niguel Shores. Best wishes from all your fellow gardeners.