Traffic and Safety – Display of Pass

Parking Passes: In March our security personnel issued 137 citations to cars parked in Niguel Shores not displaying a valid pass or bar code (violation of our rules section 6401 and 6505). Hopefully, these “cites” and any associated penalty served as a sufficient warning for the violators, and then in a perfect world, we would never experience such a problem again. Unfortunately, we live in a great community, but it isn’t perfect yet. It is up to us to remind our guests, and ourselves, to clearly display a valid parking pass on any vehicle parked in our community without a bar code. In the future such violators will be subject to being cited and then towed away. The current cost for retrieving a towed vehicle is: $215 plus $45 for each day the car is in storage.

There will be an additional fee of $85 to pick the car up during non-business hours.

Dogs Again: We continue to get complaints about dogs running off leash. Our Dana Point Municipal Code and our rules are clear about this. Dogs have to be on a leash when outside. Recently most of the complaints have come from people trying to use the Bluff area. Off leash dogs are frolicking about to the consternation of folks trying to enjoy the view and congenial atmosphere. Even the dog fanciers are annoyed when strange dogs come up to their tables and start mooching food. Please respect the rules and concerns of your neighbors and keep that magnificent hound of yours on his/her leash.

Again we get complaints! This time it is about smokers of tobacco and an unidentified other product that has a sweet pungent odor. It is a both a health issue and a source of annoyance. Just a reminder, our rules (section 5102[6]) prohibit smoking in the ClubHouse area (including the pool and Jacuzzi) and on the Bluff. The state’s Health and Safety code also prohibits some of this activity. Please appreciate the concerns of our neighbors.

Pool Law: I haven’t seen it yet, but you may have. State law requires that we post a sign near the pool admonishing incontinent folks and those not toilet trained of the requirement that they use either “rubber covers” or a swim diaper when using the pool. In case you get to the pool, and discover you forgot a diaper for your child, our staff wants you to know that they are available in the office. God Bless

— Tim Murphy

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