Oreo Book Club – The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal

The Really Serious Oreo Cookie Book Club met April 17 at the home of Norton Schwartz to discuss the book Time to Start Thinking—America in the Age of Descent, by Eduard Luce. While there was no dispute as to the factual content of the reports, there were different responses on the implications of the facts. The author, as well as some group members, believe that America is on an unstoppable downhill slide in many aspects of its education, income distribution, world influence and leadership. Indeed, some felt the success of our middle class over the last 75 years was an aberration that would not be repeated. Others believed the author overstated the case and this segment of members insisted on looking at American education, culture and economics through rose-colored glasses that they insisted had no coloring at all. The future will yield a more informed judgment for us all. The next meeting is to be on May 15 at the home of Diane Hearne, with The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal, to be discussed.

— Norton Schwartz