Maintenance Committee – Facility Management

A Maintenance responsibility that does not have a lot of visibility but yet consumes considerable man hours and is vital to the ongoing operation of the community’s facilities is agency compliance.

Maintenance will assist Orange County Health Care Agency inspectors to check our swimming pool and spa for water chemistry, filtration and code conformity. Log books are checked to be assured that Maintenance has kept a daily record of pH, turbidity, temperature, and calibration of all sensors. We average eight random, unannounced visits from this agency each year.

The Orange County Fire Authority requires reports and on-site inspections. Twice a year Maintenance schedules a Security Systems Company to inspect the fire alarm system, fire plumbing system and the kitchen fire suppression system.

This report is submitted to the Fire Authority for review and approval. Annually all fire extinguishers are recharged and a report submitted to the Fire Authority. Every five years the entire system is flushed out and inspected. This year some modifications were required for the location of two office sprinklers and some sprinkler heads were replaced in other locations. A Hazards Waste report is updated for the Fire Authority every five years. This report details all the chemicals on site, a map with their locations, and appropriate warning signs.

The South Coast Water District requires that we annually test and report all the potable water backflow regulators in the ClubHouse, office, and gatehouse. The Water district requires an annual test to confirm that there is no cross contamination of potable and reclaimed water in the ClubHouse, office or gatehouse. The Water District and

Harvest Landscape staff annually test all the irrigation controllers to insure that there is no cross contamination.

There are five locations in the community where, each quarter, Maintenance collects samples of water going into the sewer lines. The staff measures the flow rate and sends a sample to an independent lab for analysis. A report is submitted to the Water District to enable renewal of the permit to discharge to the sewer system. To maintain the commercial kitchen permit, the Water District also requires an inspection and report of the kitchen grease interceptor.

A storm water and pollution protection plan is required for all the large landscape projects. Maintenance keeps data and reports on all rain events or any non-storm water runoff for the State of California Water Board.

While we may question the need for these time consuming reports and inspections, it is reassuring to know that these safeguards to our health, safety and extended community are in place and working properly.

—Jack Christiansen

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