Women’s Golf – Golf in the Spring

In March the Niguel Shores Women’s Golf group enjoyed a Luck of the IrishTournament, even though St.Patrick’s Day was a week away. After each hole, the team pulled a gold coin from a shamrock to determine how they were to adjust their score. Some teams had the good luck of the Irish while others had bad luck. A guest, Betty Brat, certainly had good luck. She was on the winning team, had the lowest gross score, and was closest to the pin in two shots on hole #7. Congratulations, Betty. There were two winning teams consisting of Betty, Pam Strayer, Gretchen Rask, Lee Sweeney, Irene McDonald, Marlene Lynch, and Judy Boitano. But everyone was a winner in the weather department—another beautiful day in Laguna Canyon!

Our next game will be on April 8 at Aliso Creek Golf Course. The tee time is 9:20, but check-in time is 9:00. The golf captains are Marlene Lynch (493-6494) and Terri Matrisch (443-9985). Please let them know if you are interested in playing with a fun group of women (we have “Fun Day” the second Monday of each month) and they will put you in touch with the right people.

—Gretchen Rask

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