Traffic and Safety Committee – April Update

The new bunnies in the park at night and the family of skunks crossing the street on Capstan coupled with the new batches of flowers that are starting to bloom are a sure indication that we are into Spring. With the season change we will begin to enjoy longer hours of sunlight and welcome an increased number of guests that come to visit and share our special recreational opportunities.

We normally don’t have problems of any sort with residents. It is usually our guests that tend to deviate from our rules and regulations and annoy some of our neighbors and endanger others. I would like to review just a couple of areas of historical concern along this line.

Pool Common Sense: Our sauna and pool area seem to impact the most people so we will address this one first. Guests in this area must be accompanied by a resident. Children must be supervised by someone 14 years or older. Food and drink are prohibited in this area, and I should emphasize that glass containers of any type are strictly prohibited. Dogs are prohibited in pool area. Sections 5103/5105 of our Rules and Regulations are clear and seem to reflect good common sense to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facility and respect each other.

Golf Cart Operation: The safe use of golf and electric carts generally falls under the umbrella of the vehicle code. However, clearer emphasis is placed on who may operate these carts in our community in sections 6430/6431 of our Rules and Regulations. Simply put, only a legally licensed driver may operate these devices.

Dog Leashes: As sure as death and taxes, we receive complaints every month about dogs not being on leashes. Section 9100 of our Rules and Regulations somewhat piggy backs on the municipal code that reflects that dogs must be on a leash. Please be responsible for our guests and ensure they enjoy their visit.

Cautionary Note: Just another word of caution. Last month our security personnel issued over 100 citations to vehicles parked without proper bar-codes or cars not having guest passes properly displayed. Effective this month, these same vehicles will be subject to being towed away. A word of caution may save a friend a lot of money. I’d hoped to end this on a positive note and recognize our senior athletes that participated in the Winter X games. Unfortunately, the results are not in yet. God Bless.

—Tim Murphy

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