Men’s Golf – ‘Well,’ mutters Alex, ‘neither does John Gumby.’

January 22 opened a new golf season. The tournament was held at Tijeras Creek which is a beautiful course that has a back nine that can swallow up golf balls quickly. Since we all love a challenge, we got out our old scuffed up balls and tried to conquer the course.

The game was the two best net of four balls. In other words, only two players per team counted their scores on each hole. First place went to the team of Bob Russell, Kent Wellbrock, Matt Kelliher, and Peter Rask with 117 pts. Second place went to the team of Bill Johnson, Morry Dohner, Mac Brown, and Gary Katsuki with 123 pts. Third place went to the team of Roy Dohner, Mike Baskins,

Bill Verbrugge, and John Monson with 128 pts. Closest to the pin on #7 went to Peter Rask and, on #14, to Bill Johnson.

On February 26 we headed back to a favorite Twin Oaks Golf Club. On March 26 we will play Pala Mesa in Fallbrook, a great course that is on the schedule for the first time. On April 30 we play at The Crossings in Carlsbad and, on May 28, at Arrowood in Oceanside.

Golf Partner: Alex comes home after his regular Saturday golf game and his wife, Amanda, asks why he doesn’t include John Gumby in the games anymore. Alex asks, ‘Would you want to play with a guy who regularly cheats, swears outrageously over everything, lies about his score, and has nothing good to say about anyone else on the course?’ ‘Of course I wouldn’t,’ states Amanda.

‘Well,’ mutters Alex, ‘neither does John Gumby.’

—Bob Russell