Maintenance Committee – Events Happen in Three’s

Time and Mother Nature are more than capable of keeping our Maintenance Department busy with repairs and refurbishments. However, this past month the normal wear and tear has been getting some unwanted help from three instances of vehicle damage.

A driver failed to set the brakes on a truck he had parked on Selva. The truck rolled across Selva and into our perimeter block wall taking out a fifteen foot section. It took a while to get competitive bids and for insurance claims to be approved. In February a contractor was hired to rebuild the wall, which has now been completed.

A truck hit the Breakers Isle entrance gate damaging the hinges and making it necessary to keep the gate open until repairs were completed. The repair involved removing and replacing some concrete, building a new support system for the hinges and bringing in a fork lift to remove and replace the gate. With repairs completed, the gates were repainted. At 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon a car hit the Garibaldi Gate.

These things usually happen late Friday when the Maintenance people are about to go home for the weekend. Fortunately, Maintenance was able to keep the gates operational over the weekend. Repairs required replacing four of the gate pickets, fixing the gate arm assembly, fixing the gear box and painting. The contractor had some problems obtaining the correct replacement parts so the gate remained open longer than expected.

Legend says that events happen in three’s. Hopefully these three fulfill our quota and we can now get back to normal maintenance issues.

—Jack Christiansen