Maintenance Committee – Cleaning Services

It is often the routine maintenance tasks that keep the neighborhood spiffed up and looking good. Done well, the need for these tasks may go unnoticed and unappreciated.

The Maintenance Committee does notice and appreciates the work of George Cooley and his dedicated Maintenance Staff. The Staff has its scheduled tasks, and there are several ongoing tasks that are scheduled as manpower permits. Some of the scheduled tasks include: each day the pool and spa are vacuumed, the deck furniture is arranged, chemicals are maintained and trash is picked up; each day the dog bags are refilled and the deposits removed; five times a week the trash is removed from the tennis courts, the beach bluff shower is cleaned and the sand removed, the ClubHouse, kitchen and office are cleaned.

In the past the Cleaning Service took care of the ClubHouse, kitchen and office. The Committee was not always satisfied with the cleaning of these facilities and believed that management needed more direct control over these services. In March, the Cleaning Service contract was reduced and twenty hours of direct labor was added to the Maintenance Department. This was a cost neutral change. We are already seeing improvements with our own employees cleaning these facilities.

Some of the ongoing tasks include: cleaning the coach light glass, replacing street sign posts, making new street signs and dolphin supports for the signs, constructing new coach lights and concrete supports, replacing deteriorating park benches, painting and repairing adjacent stucco walls, pressure wash algae from sidewalks, decks, walls, pilasters and pool furniture. Aging and damaged traffic signs are replaced and if necessary their related posts are repaired.

Mailbox posts are constructed, painted and installed to replace aging posts in Sea Terrace II. The morning routine also includes driving a few different streets each morning looking for street light outage and trash that needs to be picked up.

—Jack Christiansen