Landscape Committee – Spring is right around the corner, enjoy!

Conserving water and optimizing the irrigation system for healthy plants and landscape are year-round concerns at Niguel Shores. With that in mind, Harvest is moving forward with the turf reduction project. Color-coded maps showing the areas where turf will be removed are available at the office and on the Website at As has been stated at community meetings, in the Seashore News and on the Website, Harvest will not be removing turf in the large greenbelt areas.

Our General Manager, Deborah Baker, along with the area representatives and Harvest staff continue to walk/drive through Niguel Shores to identify problems and needed improvements in all areas of the community. We again would like to say thanks for this valuable time together. All residents can also be part of this conversation by using the Homeowner Request Form (HRF) to communicate your concerns or questions. This form is available in the office or on the Website. Communication among the Board, Management, Harvest and all Residents will help keep Niguel Shores looking great.

Have you noticed the apple blossoms…Spring is just around the corner, enjoy!

—Ellen Dovey

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