Turf Reduction – Landscape Project


On Tuesday February 12th at 6:30 p.m., Harvest Landscape and South Coast Water District (SCWD) made a presentation to residents in the Clubhouse explaining why the turf reduction project was introduced, how it will benefit the community and explained the general plans for the areas marked on the maps.  By removing slightly more than 10 percent of our 900,000 square feet of turf, we are able to save money, save water and prepare for additional savings should water rates ever increase, (which they probably will).  The thought of turf reduction may raise some concerns, but actually the areas that have been identified are passive areas: sections that are either smaller patches of turf which have improper irrigation, or areas that are remotely located and hard to maintain.  This project WILL NOT take away from the beautiful green belts that are appreciated by all. Landcape Turf Reduction Presentation

To identify the areas that are included in this project, please see the area maps which depict where the turf will be removed.  The areas were chosen to address irrigation inefficiency and also maintenance. 

Thank you to those residents that have responded to the information provided on the website and in the presentation.  Management has received constructive comments regarding the different areas identified for turf reduction.  All comments will be taken under consideration prior to finalizing the plans. In the next few weeks, Harvest will begin the work by applying herbicide to the areas of turf to be removed.  This process will take two to three weeks.  All of the work must be completed and verified by the water district by June 1, 2013 for NSCA to receive a water district rebate.

Please contact the office if you have questions related to this project. 



– Deborah Baker, NSCA General Manger

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