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Something old: Happy 2013! Hope you all had a good Holiday Season. As you unwrap and start to use the new, perhaps you are wondering what to do with the old. Why not try selling it in the Seashore News and on the MarketPlace Website. For the small fee of $5 (yes, only $5) your ad will appear in both the Seashore News and on the Niguel Shores Website. The Seashore News is delivered monthly to 960 homes (thank you volunteers!) and the Website has more than 500 visits a day. Before you go to eBay or Craig’s List for selling your treasure, contact our Community Administrator, Matt Northrop for assistance with listing your ad in the Seashore News and on our Website. You can include a photo of your item on the Website and Matt can also help with that. Speaking of pictures, the Seashore News and our

Website always need more. So if you took any photos of the various Holiday events or any other gathering of your Niguel Shores neighbors, please share them by simply sending to Matt and they will be added to the Gallery of Photos.

Something new: Perhaps as a New Year’s resolution, you are thinking of trying something new. Niguel Shores has nine committees, plus two for the Sea Terrace residents; eight clubs and numerous monthly social events and activities. All the details are listed in both the Seashore News and on the Website, which is updated regularly.

Consider giving one of these a try this year, both you and your community will benefit and remember they are always within walking distance.

As always, the Committee welcomes your questions, comments and contributions.

—Matt Northrop, Patti Staudenbaur and Ellen Dovey

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