Traffic and Safety – Back To Normal

Back to Normal On the early morning of January 6, some folks reported they saw “La Befana” leaving certain houses here in Niguel Shores. Her quick departure via her usual mode of transportation served to symbolize the end of the holiday season. As we settle back to our regular life styles, I hope we can remember, when parking our cars on the street, to take valuables inside and lock the cars. To the best on my knowledge, the thieves that tend to plague our community have, for quite some time, left locked cars alone.

Why? In the past few weeks we have had several reports of skate boarders operating during hours of darkness on Niguel Shores Road, across from the Broadmoor homes, and on the walking path behind the homes on Windward. Most of these skaters are dressed in black and weave in and out of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. I only can imagine that the reported several near-miss collisions served to add to the skaters’ rush. I firmly believe that the concerned parents don’t know what these skaters are up to. Consequently, friends and neighbors, it is up to us to help them out. Talk to the parents, advise the office or call security. Any or all of these actions may well save someone from being hurt. The “Big Kahuna” of all skaters, Pat O’Brien, is a big supporter of safe skating and strongly condemns such irresponsible actions. He reports that it sullies the reputation of all those seriously involved in the sport.

Leash Law: In the past week we had two reports of dogs on leashes being attacked by bigger dogs running loose. One such incident involved, according to description, either a Pit Bull or American Bull Terrier. The owner has been identified and appropriate corrective action was taken which included a veterinarian bill. The other incident occurred at the Beach Bluff and involved a boxer-like dog. In this matter, the suspect dog is still outstanding. We have leash laws and rules regarding dogs. Please consider these and remember to exercise good judgment with the safety of people and pets foremost in our minds.

Who Speeds? Better yet, who speeds here in Niguel Shores? Most people would probably guess that it would be members of our young adult population. Wrong! I know that it is subjective, but almost all people that report speeding problems tell us that it is parents taking their children to and from school activities. Be careful!

If you don’t know, you might want to Google “La Befana”. Her story is interesting. God Bless.

– Tim Murphy

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