Landcape Committee – Walking & Maintaining the Numbers

Walking the numbers: Have you walked the full acreage of our Niguel Shores Community lately? It consists of the first built Broadmoor homes, 67 in 1969 followed over the next nine years by custom homes, 56; Breakers Isle, 23; Shores Gardens, 144; Berkus, 105; Sea Terrace I town homes, 239; Garden homes, 174; Sea Terrace II town homes, 77; Villas, 75; totaling 960. There are five entrance gates to our community: Mariner Drive, Cabrillo Isle, Selva Road, Manta Court and Garibaldi.

Part of your Landscape Team!

(From L to R) George Cooley, Facility Manager, Matt Northrop, Staff Liaison to the Landscape Committee, Donna Rosecrans, Landscape Committee Chair, Deborah Baker, General Manager

Maintaining the numbers: The common areas of these 960 homes and gates, along with the turf areas, planters, slopes, parks, Beach Bluff Park and over 1600 trees all require maintenance, trimming, thinning, watering and replacing. Harvest Landscape has accepted the challenge and responsibility to maintain these areas and is working hard with your Landscape Committee representatives: Chairperson Donna Rosecrans and Joan Beyer, Ellen Dovey, Sue Forrest, Kathy Jones, Linda Koppang, Karen Linger, Linda Ross, Janet Traver, General Manager Deborah Baker, Matt Northrop, Staff Liaison and George Cooley, Facilities Manager. We all have the same goal of beautification using the most cost effective methods allowing our beautiful Jewel by the Sea to shine. Our entrance gates have been brightened with the seasonal red cyclamen and white snapdragons that will take us into 2013.

Demonstration: A small new demonstration garden has been planted by Harvest Landscape in place of a small area of turf to see which plants work best for this area. The location is at the corner of Periwinkle and Niguel Shores Drive, opposite the tennis courts. Check it out. On behalf of the Landscape Committee, we wish all of you a very positive and Happy New Year! We would also like to take this opportunity to add our thanks to Maintenance Committee volunteer, Suzanne Enis, for the lovely nautical-themed holiday wreaths that decorated our gates during the Season.

—Linda Koppang

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