Tree Trimming, Alyssum, and Irrigation Repair

Have you noticed the beautiful shape our trees have taken on in Niguel Shores? Harvest is continuing the trimming of the more than 1500 trees.

As usual, the rabbits have the munchies, so Harvest has been adding alyssum to most of the flower beds to deter them. Alyssum’s taste and smell is unpleasant to rabbits and may prevent them from getting to other flowers.

Harvest’s irrigation technicians continue to check for breaks, for coverage and making sure each valve is working properly. Harvest has also been identifying the mixed use valves. These are valves that water both turf and planter areas. After each mixed valve is identified, a decision is made as to what type of valve will best suit that area. Additionally, the controllers are being re-wired so that one station follows another.

Sequencing these controllers throughout the system is a water and maintenance saving goal. Don’t forget to optimize your own water savings. Fall is around the corner so you may want to adjust your sprinkling system.

If one should have any questions or concerns regarding landscape, please feel free to fill out a Homeowner Request Form. This is an efficient and organized way of solving problems rather than a resident questioning the Harvest personnel.

All landscape requests are addressed at our monthly meetings. Please enjoy our landscape and be patient as Harvest continues with the necessary improvements and maintenance.

— Sue Forrest, Shores Garden Homes Landscape Committee Area Representative

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