Landscape Projects – October 8, 2012 Status Update

Fall is here and now is the time to scalp the warm season turf and over seed with a cool season turf blend.  October is a key transitional month in the turf lifecycle. It is the month when the warm season grasses begin to go dormant, which causes lawns to look dead and brown. Of course the lawns are not dead, but in order to keep the lawns looking lush and green, the warm season turf needs to be scalped and new cool season turf seed blend needs to be applied.

Although the final results of this process look great, the process itself is somewhat long (approximately 3-4 weeks) and not aesthetically pleasing.  The process we adhere to is as follows:

– The irrigation will be shut off in all turf areas to allow them to dry out.

– All turf will be cut at the lowest motor setting possible. (This will leave exposed dirt and is unattractive)

– The lawns will then be over seeded with a perennial rye blend and topped with steer manure.

– In approximately one month the seed will begin to germinate and there will be beautiful new grass.

– During this one-month germination period the water will be on several times a day in small increments each time.

Harvest began this process last week in the green belt area behind Windward Drive.  The scalping process will take approximately six weeks.  The following is the projected schedule:

Phase 2 – This week (October 8th) – Capstan Drive, Halyard Drive and the front yards on Windward Drive and The Villas

Phase 3 – Week of October 16th  – Sea Terrace I East of Halyard, the Mariner entrance and Sea Terrace II

Phase 4 – Week of October 22nd – Atlantic Garden Homes

Phase 5 –  Week of October 29th – Shore Garden Homes

Phase 6 – Week of November 5th – Clubhouse and Sunset Park

As part of the turf renovation project, please be aware that the irrigation will come on during the day. After the area is reseeded, the irrigation has been programmed to water three times during the day to ensure that the seeds will germinate.

Please be patience through this process, it will result in healthier grass throughout the community.




Deborah Baker, CCAM AMS

General Manager



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