Women’s Golf – Aliso Creek Golf Course

On the 2nd Monday in July, Niguel Shores Women Golfers saluted Judy Boitano. Judy won the 20th Annual Memorial Tournament to become Club Champion for 2012. As Runner-up in the tournament, Val Mitchell was given a plaque with the date and year. The following golfers also won awards for playing well that day – Closest to the flagstick on hole #8, Josette Umar; straightest drive [closest to a line drawn down the center of the fairway] on hole #9, Barbara Brabeck. The ‘bravas’ and awards were given out at the Memorial Luncheon attended by many former members and friends. Ruth Stahl and Joan Beyer received plaudits for their efforts in presenting a delightful and ‘memorial’day.

The 13th of August, 2012, is the date for the next Fun Day golf event. Just as we congratulate our best golfers, we all secretly plan on being an ‘upset’ winner one of these days at Aliso Creek Golf Course, in the game of the day, or in a scramble or best-ball format, or with a magic putter. Marge Foster, 951-6256, and Brenda Tuckley, 249-6912, are golf captains for the day. Please contact one of them to be included in our golf activities on the 2nd Monday in August. No-host lunch on the terrace at Aliso Creek follows a 9-hole game of golf. Really is a fun day…

—Ceacy Johns


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