View Preservation Committee – Planting Restrictions

Review Restrictions Before Planting Trees The CC&Rs Landscape Improvements

Rule 4101.7 states: “Tall trees that cannot be Tall trimmed (King, Queen and Kentia Palms; Star Pines; etc.) may not be planted.”

Unfortunately, over the years, many of these species have been planted without approval of the Architectural Committee. As these trees grow into homeowners’ views, the View Preservation Committee receives a corresponding increase in view impairment complaints. Unless a formal landscape plan has been submitted to the Architectural Committee, it has no way to monitor what trees are being planted by residents. Conversely, many residents are unaware of restrictions on what plants they may use. To avoid the inconvenience and expense of trimming or removing trees, slow-growing and/or maximum height limits should be considered when making landscaping choices.

Residents may contact the Architectural Committee if they have questions regarding landscaping.

— Kathy Jones, View Preservation Committe Chair


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