Nauticus Slope Rennovation, Irrigation Rennovation, and Tree Trimming Schedule

Renovation of the Nauticus Slope:As we enter August, Nauticus Slope is nearing the end of the “Grow and Kill” phase of the renovation. Even though it may not appear that progress is being made, this is an important part of the renovation. During this phase, the goal is to kill weeds and roots from the previously planted vegetation to provide a fresh canvas for the plantings. The Geotech checked the slope after the vegetation was removed to ensure the stability of the slope and has provided specifications for the proper revetments needed. This work will be completed as soon as possible. The current schedule will allow the planting of the slope to be completed by Labor Day. For this project, the Board hired Mosaic Consulting as the project management team to ensure that this project is completed correctly and efficiently.

Landscape Update: As we enter August, there are many landscape projects underway in addition to the regular maintenance. The Board has approved proposals submitted by Harvest to repair/renovate the irrigation throughout the community. The irrigation project will begin with the front yards of Sea Terrace I and II. The schedule of areas to be addressed can be viewed by clicking on the below link. In addition, the annual tree trimming will begin this month. Please visit think link below for more details.

– Deborah Baker, NSCA General Manager

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