Men’s Golf – Backspin

On June 26 the Men’s Golf group took on the challenging Crossing Golf Club in Carlsbad. The format was a challenging Tin Whistle Individual play.

A Flight: First place went to Dennis Rosene, second place to John Monson. B Flight: First place went to Barry Daniel, second place to Roy Dohner. Closest-to-the-Pin on #9, Barry Daniel and on #17, Bob Gutknecht.

The next tournament was on July 10 at Talega Golf Club in San Clemente. The format was team play “Two Best Net of 4 Balls.” First place went to the team of Blair McDonald, Boyd Van Ness, Bob Gutknecht, and Gary Katsuki. Second place went to the team of Jack Sweeney, Roy Dohner, Kent Wellbrock, and Bob Russell. Closest-to-the-Pin on #8, Roy Dohner and on #12, Gary Katsuki. Next up is Aliso Golf Club on July 24 and Arroyo Trabuco on August 14.


An amateur was talking to his golf pro.

Amateur: “How do you get so much backspin?’’

Pro: “Before I answer that, tell me, how far do you hit a 5 iron?’’

Amateur: “About 130.’’

Pro: “Then why in the world would you want the ball to spin back!?”

—Bob Russell


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