Women’s Golf Update

After the exhilarating fireworks of July 4th, Niguel Shores women golfers’ thoughts will turn backward. The 20th annual Memorial Tournament will take place on Monday, July 9, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Aliso Creek Golf Course. The tournament was suggested and originally sponsored by J. A. Goodman to honor Maggie Waterman, the founder of the Niguel Shores Women’s Golf Club. “J” Goodman has left to us a legacy of remembering our golfing friends once a year with golf and a special luncheon. We will be thinking of Lavonne Borland, Fran Magwood Ewing, Pat Johnson, Marion Pearl, Peggy Bucci, and Marguerite Horne along with a dozen and more of our “Heavenly Golfers.” Judy Boitano, 661-9495, and Irene McDonald, 481-3035, are golf captains for July 9. If you are not on their list of players and wish to play, please call one of them. Ruth Stahl, 248-5750, and Joan Beyer, 496-1428, are in charge of arrangements for the Memorial Luncheon at Gemmell’s Marina Lounge at 12:00 noon following golf. Club members, former, present and perspective and all their friends, are cordially invited. Call Ruth or Joan for details. Low gross score winner of a 9-hole tournament will become the 2012 Club Champion. It looks like the golfer to beat will be Val Mitchell. Last month she won prizes for low gross, least amount of putts and, the longest drive. Barbara McKlveen put her ball closest to flagstick at hole #6, but Val prevailed on hole #8. The winning team for the game of the day was composed of Marlene Lynch, May Gramer, Marge Foster and Barbara McKlveen. “Birdie” gals were Judy Boitano and Gretchen Rask.

Someone, maybe one of the above, will be ‘in the zone’ or ‘on her game’ this month and will have her name engraved on a plaque in the ClubHouse with the previous Niguel Shores Women’s Golf Club Champions. Everyone participating will have a Fun Day.

—Ceacy Johns


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