Traffic & Safety Update

Pedestrians be aware! In the past few months we have had a series of near collisions between incoming cars and residents using the crosswalk to walk across Niguel Shores Road at Mariner Drive. Although these pedestrians had the right-of-way, some drivers making the turn onto Niguel Shores Drive were apparently oblivious to anything other than vehicular. Oddly enough, all reported offending drivers were driving apparently different quiet Prius automobiles. Although in each incident the pedestrians were in the right, all of us crossing streets must be cognizant that we can’t depend on our sense of hearing to always detect approaching quiet cars. At the same time all of us must remain mindful of a seemingly false sense of right-of-way when driving into our community.

We had a lot of reports regarding our skateboarders. Some folks indicate that we have more skaters than any other time. On the positive side, more and more of these athletes are utilizing helmets and other safety equipment. Even the old professionals like Pat O’Brien recognize that it is foolish to skate without your “Gear.” Primarily on the liability side of skateboarding, our community rules prohibit recreational skating in common areas.

From the paraphernalia and trash occasionally found in some out of the way areas in our community, we can easily deduce that some of our young folks engage in activities that their parents likely wouldn’t allow in the house.

Apparently, much of this activity occurs late at night. With the July 4th coming up we would like to remind everyone to ensure that all visitors and guests are listed with the gate. This date is exceptionally busy, so your cooperation is important. Also July 4th is an exception day to our guest parking rule at the Bluffs.

 Residents only on this day. Without belaboring a point, please be responsible for your guests. Extra security will be on duty to assist each of us ensuring that this is a fun filled and safe 4th.

—Tim Murphy


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