Men’s Golf Update

On June 12 the gang traveled to Arrowood Golf Club in Oceanside. The weather was great and the course was in great shape. The format was the challenging 1-2-3 Foursome Team play. In this format the 1st hole score is that of the best of the four player team. The 2nd hole is the score of the best two players and the 3rd hole is the best three players. It then starts all over on the 4th hole.

First place went to the team of Bob Russell, John Monson, Kent Wellbrock, and Morry Dohner. Second place went to the team of Roy Dohner, Al Brown, Jon Cobain, and Boyd Van Ness. Third place went to the team of Al Thome, Woody Woodward, and Gary Katsuki. Closest-to-the-Pin on #8 was John Monson and on #15, Woody Woodward.

Next up on June 26th is The Crossings in Carlsbad.

Tip of the month: There are two things you can learn by stopping your backswing at the top and checking the position of your hands: How many hands you have and which one is wearing the glove.


—Bob Russell


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