Women’s Golf – June 2012

The Niguel Shores ladies who golf together had a “Fun-Day” in May at Aliso Creek Golf Course. What a little hidden gem of a place. We noticed a group of ladies in pink golf shirts from the Beverly Hills Golf Club there. Later, we noted a contingent of men from Minnesota playing in a tournament. The Niguel Shores ladies have been playing at Aliso Creek for about 30 years. In those earlier days, the course was known as “Ben Brown’s” and Mrs. Brown watched us tee off from her house up the hill from the first tee.

The golfers who showed off their talent in May were: Judy Boitano with her closest to the pin drive on hole #6; India rouse with a tee shot on hole #8 that put her ball closest to that pin; Gretchen Rask who out drove everybody on hole #9; and the foursome of Judy Boitano, Marge Foster, India Rouse and Brenda Tuckley who won the Scramble-Game-of-the Day by a handsome margin.

We will have our next Fun-Day on Monday, June 11. The golf captains for the day are Liz Kelsch, 661-5802 and Barbara McKlveen, 715-9437. If you have yet to discover this little gem of a golf course, you are invited to come and see for yourself. Play with us. Call one of the golf captains and ask to be added to her list of players for June.

“…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”

—Ceacy Johns

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