Maintenance Committee – June 2012

A fairly normal month in Niguel Shores for the Maintenance Department. The FOB gate at the Beach Bluff Park stopped working. The gate fails on the weekend when we don’t have staff on site to make the repairs so the Maintenance Manager comes in the morning to open the gate and again at night to lock the gate. Monday, we find the problem. The fix requires pulling about 500 feet of new wire. Fortunately, due to some good planning when the bluff park was rebuilt, the cable is in the conduit making it much easier to replace.

The lights were out on Salvador for a few days. Here, like most of the older installation in the Shores, the bare cable is buried without the protection of conduit. To replace cable requires a lot of digging. In this case the short was under the sidewalk which meant removing the sidewalk, replacing the cable (this time with conduit) and then pouring new cement.

The arson fire a couple of months ago burned the furniture and damaged the deck and stone around the ClubHouse fireplace. Maintenance made some temporary repairs so the area could be used. Last week the contractor finished the final repairs and new furniture was delivered. We are pleased with the quality of the repairs and how well they were able to match the appearance of the old and new concrete. We are also pleased to learn that the perpetrator of this fire chose to plead guilty and is now the guest of the State of California and will be for the next 16 months. A special thanks goes to our Maintenance Department, Security Service and the Office Staff. Following is a quote to George Cooley from the Fire Investigator. “Thank you SO much for all of your key assistance. It was the information you and your co-workers gave us that made this case so strong that neither accused nor his attorney wanted to take a chance in court with a jury”.

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