Men’s Golf – April 2012

On February 28 the gang attacked and conquered Arroyo Trabuco. The format was a challenging Foursome Teams-Net Total Scores. What I have learned is the format doesn’t matter as long as they have the cheap beers for under a dollar.

First place went to the team of Bob Gutknecht, Barry Daniel, Peter Rask, and Morry Dohner.

Second place went to the team of Gary Katsuki, Blair McDonald, and Tom McNicholas.

Third place went to the team of Al Thome, Mac Brown, and Bill Verbrugge. Closest-to-the-Pin on #4, Barry Daniel and on #17, Peter Rask.

The next tournament was on March 13 at the Crossings in Carlsbad. This is a great course and if you’re having a bad golf day you can always sneak off to Legoland. We had 16 golfers and the format was Tin Whistle. For those who do not know what Tin Whistle is, call Roy Dohner and he would be happy to explain. The winners of Flight A: First place: Dennis Rosene. Second place: Bob Gutknecht. Third Place: Kent Wellbrock. Fourth and finally: Bob Russell. The winners of Flight B: First place: Blair McDonald. Second place: Allen Brase. Third place: Gary Katsuki. Fourth place: Jon Cobain. Closest-to-the-Pin on #9, Gary Katsuki and on #1, Bob Russell.

Tip of the month: There are four forces affecting the motion of a golf ball:

1. Gravity, which causes the ball to drop suddenly into hazards

2. Electromagnetism, which makes the ball curve sharply towards whichever of the earth’s poles is closest to the Out of Bounds stakes

3. The Weak Force, which makes the ball dribble to the ladies’ tee

4. The Strong Force, which propels the ball directly towards a foursome of personal injury- lawyers in the adjacent fairway


—Bob Russell


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