Maintenance – April 2012

Maintenance is planned to be proactive, but events often require a reactive response and a delay of planned projects. There have been both planned and unplanned projects this past month. Proactive includes both planned projects, and routine maintenance. Routine maintenance includes daily upkeep of pool and spa, general cleaning, trash pickup, set up for community events, interaction with vendors, and the general upkeep of community facilities and infrastructure.

Some planned projects that were completed this past month were refurbishment to the entrance walls to Garibaldi, Manta Court and La Cresta. Contractors were selected to paint the Faeroe Bay stairway and replace the railing on the Selva stairway to Manta Court. The stairway should be painted and the rails replaced by the time this article is published.

There are several miles of buried electrical lines in Niguel Shores. These cables and splices have been there for forty years and now provide Maintenance with many reactive opportunities. This past month, the lights went out on Bluehill Bay. After several days of digging, finding and fixing some fifteen nicks and splices, the offending splice was found and fixed.

An arson fire provided another reactive opportunity. The fire destroyed some patio furniture and damaged the wall, deck and overhead structure around the pool fireplace. Maintenance cleaned up the mess, painted and made temporary repairs so that the area could be used pending notification of the insurance company and hiring a contractor to complete the repairs.

Proactive maintenance is the norm, but reactive can provide some excitement. This was the case for George a few weeks ago as he leaned over the PCH Bridge to paint out graffiti while Dennis spotted from below to direct where to paint and warn of oncoming traffic so we did not accidently paint the cars traveling on PCH.

—Jack Christiansen

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