Landscape Maintenace Schedule

Where is Harvest Landscape now?


Click on the landscape maintenance schedule to view when Harvest Landscape will be near your house.

Note: Week 1 begins March 12th






The Landscape Committee area representatives would like to thank Deborah Baker, George Cooley and Harvest Landscape (Nate Bonghanoy and Ignacio Chavez) for taking time to walk/drive through all of the Niguel Shores neighborhoods. This valuable time together will allow the area representatives to point out problems, concerns and needed improvements in their particular areas. From these meetings, Management and Harvest will prioritize and approve proposals to keep Niguel Shores looking great.

At our March meeting, the Committee reviewed the three color-coded maintenance schedules put together by Harvest. You can view these schedules on the web site or at the office. Week one on all the schedules began March 12, 2012. Harvest has two full-time crews working in the various neighborhoods. Besides doing all the necessary trimming, thinning and weed removal, Harvest will also correct any problems with the irrigation system. The grass in Sea Terrace II will be mowed on Mondays. All other grass areas will be mowed once a week on Tuesdays. Please remember that if you have a request for work to be done by the landscapers, use a Homeowners Request Form. This form is always available in the office or on the web site. Happy Spring to all!

– Ellen Dovey