Master Landscape Update – February 17, 2012

The Board of Directors and management have re-evaluated our priorities for Master Landscape expenditures in 2012 and 2013. We now expect to renovate the Nauticus and Cabrillo slopes in that period  and will not make any landscape changes to Sunset Park in the near future. Both slope projects will take two years to complete and efforts will be made to minimize the amount of visible bare slope during renovation. Some of the plants we are installing,  such as acacia, are slow growing,  and ordinarily would leave the slope looking fairly bare when first planted. Working in smaller plots over time, rather than removing all vegetation from the slope, should minimize visible empty soil.  

We will have an open Board meeting with our landscape architect, Silverwood Group and our landscape contractor, Harvest Landscape at the Clubhouse on February 24th at 3 PM to finalize plan concepts, make plant selections and  determine probable cost. Our hope is that after bidding these projects, there will be funds available to begin an incremental refurbishment of the Mariner Drive entrance.

 – Steve Stewart, NSCA Board President