Oreo Cookie Book Club – February 2012

The Really Serious Oreo Cookie Book Club, hereinafter referred to as the RSOCBC, met at the home of Janet MacKaig to review a biography of Lawrence of Arabia. After a period of adjustment for hearing aids, eyeglasses and orthopedic appliances, a roundabout discussion was led by Sally Lee Howd that not only reviewed the historical events of the early 20th century, but dissected the personality traits of war leaders and peace advocates. The discussion lines formed between Sunni vs. Shite advocates or detractors and between French vs. English division of the Mid East deserts. The ambiguity and misdirection of this last sentence was a reflection of the discussion. A halt was called to the meeting when the subject under discussion degenerated to whether cutting throats was more civilized than using drones to kill people. The list of books for the next six month period was announced, but the list is being kept secret from the Seashore News for unannounced and mysterious reasons.

– Norton Schwartz

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