Master Landscape Program Update

The NSCA Board of Directors held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the direction to take for our Master Landscape program in 2012. With $350,000 budgeted for such projects this year, we are now leaning toward renovation of the Sunset park area along Niguel Shores drive, adjacent to Dosinia and Cockleshell and partial renovation of the Nauticus slope. We are soliciting bids on these projects to closely determine cost as well as seeking recommendations from Harvest Landscape.  We will make a final determination on 2012 Master Landscape projects later this month. The consensus of Board members is that before doing more large scale slope renovation, we should watch our two major slope projects from 2011, Shackleton and Abalone, grow out for a year. From that we can get a better understanding of what to expect on future slope projects. We are concerned about  the degraded appearance of slopes under renovation and what those slopes will look like one year after a project has commenced. When a final decision on these projects is reached it will be posted on the website. In the meantime we are putting up storyboards at both project sites so residents can give us feedback.

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