Important Notice from the Traffic & Safety Committee

With the objective of preserving our recreational assets, safety, and quality of life in Niguel Shores, Securitas, the service for patrol and gate attendance, is under contract with NSCA to enforce the access and parking rules to accomplish that goal.  They are given no discretionary power to bend or change any of our policies and rules.  They simply enforce the rules they are given.  But time after time, they are screamed at, berated, cursed, threatened, and suffer ethnic slurs from residents and non-residents alike for doing the job we are paying them to perform.  That is clearly unacceptable.  Please be aware that no vehicle or pedestrian is knowingly allowed into our community without proper authorization.  Please be sure to authorize in advance, through GateWorks (preferred) or the guard shack, every new entry into the community.

Niguel Shores has been described by some contractors and uninvited guests as the most difficult gated community in Orange County to enter illegally.  That has been illustrated repeatedly over the past few years by the number of flat tires that have been inflicted on tailgaters at the spike-guarded gates.  This occurs often, even with very visible and clearly worded signs posted at the entrances.  We had one unfortunate contractor last month state that he had read the warning, but didn’t believe it because no other communities really mean it.  Well put.

While we are proud to be successful in enforcing our rules, we take no pleasure in the misfortune of these people.  It is a costly mistake.  Please direct your guests, contractors and delivery services to the Mariner Gate entrance, regardless of what their GPS is telling them.  They won’t have to tailgate there.

As outstanding as our system is, it is not foolproof.  There will always be some unauthorized entry by individuals and vehicles now and then, but NSCA security is reputedly the best in Orange County.

On behalf of the Traffic & Safety Committee,

Mike Card, Chairman



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