Community Reminder: Beach Bluff Special Event Use

The Association previously had a policy in place that would allow small groups to use the beach bluff to take photos for special occasions.  Regrettably recent events have determined that this policy will no longer be in place.  As such the Association will require all residents to follow Rule 5109 Use of the Beach Bluff Park and Rule 6607 Special Event or Group Entry as written.  This means that access into the community and use of the beach bluff park must be made under the following conditions:


          Guest lists must contain the names of all individuals entering the community, not just the vehicle driver

          Guest lists of 10 or more individuals must be submitted to the NSCA Management Office no less than 3 business days prior to the event

          Guests may not park in the lower lot tiers at the beach bluff

          Vehicles may not be parked curbside at the beach bluff

          Parties with 20 or more individuals (including hosts, other NSCA residents, etc.) must make a reservation and remain in the designated reserved area.  Parties may not exceed 36 individuals.

          Bluff reservations must be made 7 business days prior to the event and must comply with all requirements listed under Rule 5109.2.

          Parties found out of compliance with Rule 5109 will be required to leave the beach bluff immediately and may be subject to enforcement as provided under Rule 2711 fines.


For a complete set of the current Rules & Regulations (effective May 4, 2011) please refer to the document section on the NSCA website at or pick up a paper copy at the NSCA Management Office during the regular operating hours of Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.


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