Landscape – February 2012

January’s Landscape Committee Meeting was our chance to meet and welcome Harvest’s landscape personnel. They are very familiar with our Hydro Points Weathertrak Satellite System and give it a top rating. This irrigation system with new connections for pressure with different elevations, re-piping, new breaker boxes, etc. has been taking a lot of their time. We agreed with Harvest, “No new planting until all the irrigation is adequate.”

The lacing of shrubs and trees is being done. Thank you for your patience.

The mulching of shrubs, trees etc. is being done, adding nutrients and preserving moisture. This beautiful mulch Harvest provides, and makes at their own nursery, saves us a large expense.

Previous emergency maintenance is being handled, so we can expect Harvest to be back on schedule, within the next three months.

PS: If I may add a personal note: As Jerry & I were driving toward PCH on Selva from an early doctor’s appointment, (where I have learned the true meaning of grateful): “The view of our Niguel Shores Community from that vantage point on a clear day….So Grateful!”

—Linda Koppang, Villas Landscape Representative


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