Women’s Golf – December 2011

Another beautiful and breezy day of golf was played on November 14 and the Thanksgiving theme planned by our Golf Captains, Val Mitchell and May Gramer, made it even better. It consisted of awarding a feather for every par, a feather for a chip-in and a feather for each one putt. These feathers were put back on Tom Turkey so that he could run away and not be someone’s Thanksgiving feast. Team number 1 with May Gramer, Irene McDonald, Val Mitchell and Janet Silver were first with nine feathers. Low gross with a 40 was Val Mitchell. Low net with a 30 was Janet Silver. Longest drive was made by Judy Boitano, closest to the pin #6 was Gretchen Rask and, to the pin #8, was Chris Beaver. On December 12 our annual Christmas Party will be held at the Fountains. The price will be $25. Please make checks payable to Gretchen Rask. Any questions? Please contact party planners Joan Beyer at 496-1428 or Ruthie Stahl at 248-5750. They are also looking for donations for the raffle and door prizes. At the meeting, the new slate of officers was elected for 2012. They are: President – Marlene Lynch, Vice-president – Lee Sweeney, Secretary – Brenda Tuckley, Treasurer – Gretchen Rask, Seashore News – Chris Beaver, Hospitality/Membership – Linda Ross.Golf Captains for December are Gretchen Rask (489-2259) and Marlene Lynch (493-6494). Call for reservations. Our starting time for December is 9:30 a.m.

– Chris Beaver


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