New Years Eve Quiz – Answers

1.  Faeroe Bay  2.  Cabrillo Isle  3.  Manta Court  4.  Magellan Isle  5.  Vista D’Onde

6.  Garibladi Gate  7.  Leeward Drive  8.  Hobart Bay  9.  Ionian Bay  10.  Amundsen Bay


Faeroe Islands are a group of islands, a possession of Denmark, that lie northwest of the British Isles in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was the Portuguese explore who discovered California in 1542.

Manta is a Spanish word for blanket that gave its name to the Manta Rae that was trapped by devices that resembled large blankets and, subsequently, acquired its name from the traps.

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portugese navigator and explorer for Portugal and Spain. His ships (he died on the way) were the first to circle the globe.

Vista, Spanish for view, of the waves.

Guiseppi Garibaldi was a patriot and soldier who helped unify Italy and fought in liberation wars in South America.

Leeward is the side of a vessel situated away from the wind.

Hobart is a city, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania that lies off the south coast of the Australian continent.

Ionia is the sea between the southern tip of Italy and Greece.

Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer who discovered  the South Pole.

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