Maintenance – January 2012

Almost complete. Seven years ago the Maintenance Committee, chaired by Sam Johnson, with Board approval, began a project to replace all the pressed brick on the Garden Home streets. The pressed brick had deteriorated with numerous cracks and chips. The appearance was not pleasing and there were trip hazards for anyone who might walk across them. In total there were twenty seven areas to be replaced varying in size from thirty to a hundred feet in length. The cost to replace each section was six to fifteen thousand, thus the need to phase the project over several years. The construction process involved removing the pressed brick. A ten foot section between the pilasters is then replaced with a tub like concrete base and one foot concrete ribbon. This concrete base is then filled with sand and bricks are placed on the sand base. The remainder of the removed pressed brick is replaced with asphalt. Each year, competitive bids are requested. West Coast Paving and Quickel Paving have been the successful bidders. As this article goes to press, West Coast Paving will have completed the entrances at Verrazanno, Tampico, and Sidney Bays. Twenty-six of the Twenty- seven locations are complete. Just one street to go, Salvador Bay, Sam Johnson’s street. So much for a privileged place in line, but thank you Sam for getting this project started. Also, as this article goes to press, the fire damaged saunas have been repaired and are back in operation. Our thanks to Artie Staudenbaur for coordinating this project with the insurance company, contractor, and inspectors.

—Jack Christiansen


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