Page Turners – November 2011


Page Turners Book Club will meet on Monday, November 28, to discuss Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle. Jesuit priest Gregory Boyle recounts his two decades working with “homies” gangs in LA County and his establishment of legitimate means of their livinga productive life marketing home based products and services. Both entertaining and convincing, Boyle’s book is a treatise on the sacredness of every life. The Monday morning group will meet at 10:00 at the home of Marcia Enger, 23935 Amundsen Bay, withMarcia providing refreshments. The Monday afternoon group will also meet at Marcia’s who will lead the discussion for both groups. Mary Harrington will provide refreshments for the afternoon group. The Thursday afternoon group will meet at the ClubHouse at 1:00 on November 3. A special event will take place on Tuesday, November 15 when any who are interested will take the train to LA to have lunch at the Homegirls’ Café founded by Father Boyle.

For more information about Page Turners contact:

Karla Sanders, 496-8413 — Monday morning.

Diane Hearne:, 661-6267 —Monday afternoon.

Lisa Buchner:, 496-9546 — Thursday afternoon.



—Diane Hearne