Sea Terrace II Update: August 2011

Over the past few months, you may have noticed some changes in the landscaping and aesthetics within Sea Terrace II. Our Manta Court Gate and drive have been replanted with drought resistant ground cover and new parts have been installed in the gates for better operation.

In addition, a meeting was held with the Niguel Shores Landscape Committee and requests were made to improve drainage at one property and re-plant one of the front lawn slopes. Both requests were acted upon and have proven to be effective. Ongoing discussions have been part of the regular monthly meetings in regards to damage in the landscape beds as a result of bike activity and pet traffic.

New boulders have been installed at the entrance of the Manta Court common area in the hopes of preventing additional damage to plants and grass. It is important that all Sea Terrace II residents KEEP OFF the boulders and do not walk or play on them or within the landscaping. This is not only a dangerous activity, but costs residents or the Association additional monies for repairs and replacement.

In addition, all are reminded to pick up, remove and dispose of all pet refuse. A request has been made for an additional pet disposal can which we hope will be installed within the next few months.

Last but not least, the summer vacations mean that more children will be riding bikes, playing in the front yards and congregating within the common areas. Please watch your car speed and extra caution when backing out of the driveways is very important! Your Sea Terrace II Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and all are invited to attend. Call 949 248 1629 for time and location.



—Sea Terrace Board

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