Oreo Cookie Book Club – September 2011

The Really Serious Oreo Cookie Book Club met on August 17 at the home of Sally Lee Howd to review a book on Genghis Kahn, his life, his empire, his military tactics and how he could drink his wives under the table. European kings and their knights trembled at the thought of the Mongol hordes who killed millions and conquered more territory than any kingdom before him or since. Yet his tolerance for local religions, customs and scholars was great compared to kings and popes. He incorporated ideas and inventions of the cultures he conquered. He promoted on merit, not on family or political connections. But his herd raising culture eventually crumbled under the growth of cities and politics after his death. At the next meeting on September 21 at the home of Norton Schwartz, Diane Hearne will lead a discussion on the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, about a man who was shot down in World War II, drifted at sea for 39 days, was beaten and starved in a Japanese prison camp, became a drunk and finally was successful by giving talks on his life. Reported by Norton Schwartz from real life.-Norton Schwartz

Next meeting: September 21st at the home of Norton Schwartz.

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