An Introduction to the Master Landscape Committee

Niguel Shores enjoys an ideal Southern California location, on over 100 acres, that includes sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, spectacular sunsets and extensive native landscaping. As many of you know in 2009 the Board of Directors formed a committee with the assignment to research and develop a master landscape plan for Niguel Shores. There have been two articles in the Seashore News (Sept 2010, July 2011) and several Homeowner Forums discussing the overall plan. The purpose of this webpage is to provide increased communication with the residents of Niguel Shores. To start us off please review the following pictures regarding slope analysis and existing trees in Niguel Shores. As you will see there are over forty different slopes, divided into ten categories. Future articles will discuss slope prioritization. The second picture is the existing number of trees in Niguel Shores, over 1500! As the plan progresses, each area will be evaluated as to their need for improvement, sustainability, and cost-effectivness.

Remember: this is a community link, we really would like to hear your thoughts! After you review the site, feel free to leave us a comment on . This is a seperate e-mail just for MASTER LANDSCAPE COMMENTS. We will continue to update this page on at least a monthly basis. This site is only for review and comment on the MASTER LANDSCAPE PLANS. Use the service request form at for any other landscape request and concerns.

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